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EZ Dock Canopy Cover & Frame System

For over twenty-five years, EZ Dock has been the leader in the floating modular dock industry. The key to EZ Dock’s success is the product versatility, durability and ease of use that allows both homeowners and commercial establishments to configure custom docks, walkways and floating platforms to meet individual needs. EZ Dock’s durable polyethylene construction includes no wood or metal, so rusting hardware is not a concern. EZ Docks can be adapted an unlimited number of times and ways to meet your custom needs, but until now there was not a frame and canopy cover available.

Boat Lift & Canopy has partnered with Pike Dock and Marine (PDM) to offer bolt-on canopy-and-frame mounting packages for EZ Dock ports and dock systems. Keep your watercraft out of the sun and protected from the elements when not in use. Pick between five canopy cover fabrics and over twenty color combinations, including an eco-friendly hemp and a camouflage print.

Choose either a 24' x 108" or a 28' x 120" frame and canopy. We construct EZ Dock canopies with an open end to ensure your boat can make the clearance of the canopy. The fabric will be slit up the middle of each end and clipped shut. It can be opened like a curtain to allow the boat to slip through the end. As the boat will not be elevated on a lift, it's important to have the canopy with an open end. We can also flare out the system’s legs to accommodate different dock sizes.

Boat Lift & Canopy covers and PDM mounting hardware can accommodate all sizes of EZ Dock Boat Ports, EZ Dock Pontoon Lifts, EZ Dock PWC Ports and EZ Dock Patios. Have a question about our EZ Dock canopy cover and frame system and ordering? Contact us. We’re happy to help!

EZ Dock canopy cover frame