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Boat Lift Canopy Attachments

If your boat lift canopy’s rubber bungee fasteners have lost their elasticity, you’ve lost the security of your canopy cover. Here you’ll find a selection of canopy ball bungee fasteners, long bungee cords and bungee hooks to safely secure the canopy cover to the boat lift frame. The bungee balls make for ideal boat lift cover attachments. Once the canvas is rolled over the frame, and the awning slips over the final two corners, feed each bungee around the canopy’s sewn-in loop, then around the lift frame, and finally secure the bungee loop around the ball.

Rubber bungee attachments allow the awning to be fixed to the frame but allow for some movement in the event of strong winds or a storm. If you’ve purchased a boat lift canopy cover from us, your order will include a 30-pack of toggle bungee balls. Most frames require 25 bungee attachments, so you’ll have a few extra left over. Have questions on boat lift awning attachments? Let us know, and we’d be happy to help.

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S Hooks for Boat Lift Canopy Attachments S-hooks Quantity of 25


Our Price: $25.00
10" Bungee Ball Assembly for Canopy Covers | 30 pack Toggle Ball Bungee (30 pack)

Don't settle for weak or light weight bungees that won't hold your canopy in place.

Our Price: $60.00
3/16" x 10" High Density Bungee Cord Hooks | 25 pack 10" Bungee Hook (25 pack)

3/16" x 10" High Density Bungee Hooks

List Price: $85.00
Our Price: $60.00
Savings: $25.00
Long Bungee Cord 5/16" for Fastening Boat Lift Canopies | 50' in Length Bungee Cord 5/16" (50')

5/16ths bungee cord has a braided outside textured edge for improved grip. 50 feet in length

Our Price: $75.00
Boat Lift Canopy Curtains and Track  8' 2" x 5' Boat Lift Canopy Curtains

Boat Lift Canopy Curtains and Track  8' 2" x 5' can be attached to your
existing boat lift canopy frame on all straight sections of 8' lengths.
Can be configured with stationary curtains.

Our Price: $174.00